Who are we?

«Scientific Light» journal was established in 2016. The founders of the journal are representatives of the scientific community of Poland and nearby countries.

The main goal of the journal is discovering the scientific potential, as well as attracting young people to scientific-research activities. We strive to bring the interaction between the generations of scientific researchers to a new level. We want to combine generations in a single scientific mechanism for the application of modern technologies of the older generation and the transfer of experience and scientific desire to younger generations.

To accomplish this goal, our journal provides the best representatives of the younger generation the possibility to express themselves in front of professional scientific society.

To enhance the status and significance of a journal in the scientific community, the journal is assigned with ISSN 0548-7110 number.

Unique ISSN

To increase the status and significance of the publication in the scientific community, the journal was assigned ISSN 0548-7110


The format of the hard copy of the journal is A4


Schedule of journal’s issuing is monthly


Reception of articles in the journal is done on the daily basis

Articles in the following areas are accepted in the journal:

General issues of chemistry

General laboratory chemical equipment. Equipment

Physical chemistry

Inorganic chemistry. Complex compounds

Analytical chemistry

Organic chemistry

Bioorganic chemistry. Natural organic compounds and their synthetic analogs

Macromolecular chemistry

Biological chemistry

Physics and mathematics

General physics issues

Common issues of experimental physics

The physics of elementary particles. The theory of fields. High energy physics

Nuclear physics

Physics of gases and liquids. Thermodynamics and statistical mechanics

Physics of solids

Physics of plasma

Physics of atoms and molecules


Laser physics

Radio physics. Physical basics of electronics


General issues of mathematics

Mathematical logic and foundations of mathematics

Numbers theory




Mathematical analysis

The theory of functions of a real variable

The theory of functions of complex variables

Ordinary differential equations

Differential equations with partial derivatives

Integral equations

Mathematical models of the natural sciences and technical sciences

Equations of mathematical physics

The calculus of variations, and mathematical theory of optimal control

Function analysis

Computational mathematics

Theory of probability and mathematical statistics

Combinatorial analysis. Graph theory

Mathematical cybernetics

Geological sciences

General issues of geology



Geological and geophysical studies of the deep structure of the Earth

Regional geology







Experimental and technical mineralogy and petrography

Methods of laboratory mineralogical, petrographic, and geochemical studies

Anthropogenic period



Geology of ore minerals

Geology of nonmetallic minerals

Geology of oil, gas, and condensates

Geology of coal, bituminous ores, and peat

Methods of prospection and exploration of mineral deposits

Technique and technology of geological exploration


Engineering geology


Biological sciences

General issues of biology

Theoretical biology

Methods and equipment for biological research

Molecular biology








Vegetable physiology




Human and animal physiology

The morphology of human and animal




Radiation biology

Space biology




Agricultural sciences

Common issues of agriculture

Agricultural biology



Agricultural reclamation


Crop science

Protection of agricultural plants


Veterinary science

Agricultural billet products

Hunting establishment


Economics and organization of agriculture

Mechanization and electrification of agriculture

Technical science

General issues of informatics

The organization of information activities

Documentary sources

Analytic-synthetic processing of documentary sources

Document retrieval

Information service

Technical means of information processes

Common issues of cybernetics

Theory of automatic control systems

Theory of modeling

The theory of cybernetic control systems

Information theory

Artificial intelligence

The theory of finite automats and formal languages

Reliability theory

System analysis

General issues of mechanics

Basics, common objectives and methods of mechanics

General mechanics     

Fluids and gases mechanics

Fracture mechanics

Complex and special sections of mechanics


General issues of economic sciences

Economic theories

History of economic thought

Accounting and economics

Economic management science

Economic history

World economy. International economic relations

Economic development and growth. Forecasting and planning of the economy. Economic cycles and crises

The productive forces, scientific and technological progress

Socio-economic structure

Reproduction structure of the economy. The accumulation and consumption. Wealth

The territorial structure of the economy. Regional and urban economics

The sectoral structure of the economy

Financial science. Cash and tax theories. Credit-financial institutions

Economic problems of organization and management of the country's economy

Labor Economics. Workforce

Economics and organization of the enterprise. Management of enterprise

The economy of individual countries

Historical sciences


Philosophical sciences

Common issues of philosophy

Common problems of modern philosophy

General philosophical problems


Philosophy and methodology of science

Social philosophy



Philosophy of religion and atheism

History of philosophy

Geographical sciences

General issues of geography

Theoretical geography

Historical geography

Military geography

Physical geography

Economic and social geography

Countries geography

Medical geography



General issues

Theory of state and law

History of state and law

History of political and legal doctrines

Constitutional (state) law

Municipal law

Administrative law

Information law

Financial law

Business law

Civil law

Civil Procedural Law (civil procedure)

Arbitration and Procedural Law (arbitration procedure)

Patent law. Industrial property law

Copyright and related rights

Law of succession

Family law

Agrarian law

Legal problems of environmental protection. Environmental law

Land law

Forestry law

Water law

Air protection law

Legislation on subsoil

Legislation on wildlife

Labor law

Social security law

Law enforcement authorities

Criminal law

Criminal procedural law (criminal procedure)


Criminal executive law. Penitentiary


Judicial statistics

International law

Private international law

The state and the law of individual countries

Pedagogical science

General issues of public education and pedagogy

General pedagogy

History of education and pedagogy. Personalization

Education system

Preschool education. Preschool pedagogy

Secondary school. Pedagogy in secondary school

Non-formal (additional) education and training. Extracurricular pedagogy

Special (correctional) school. Defectology

Initial vocational education. Pedagogy in vocational school

Vocational education. Pedagogy of secondary vocational education

Higher professional education. Pedagogy of higher vocational school

Adult people education. Training on skills increase. Self-education

Family education. Family pedagogy

Specialized industries of pedagogy

Technical means of education and educational equipment

Education and pedagogy in individual countries

Medical sciences

General issues of medicine and health

Medical-biological disciplines

Medical materials, equipment, and products

Medical equipment

Clinical medicine


Hygiene and epidemiology

Other branches of medicine and public health

Social hygiene. The organization and management of healthcare

Pharmaceutical sciences

Pharmaceutical sciences

Veterinary sciences

Veterinary sciences


General issues of art and art history

Theory and methodology of art and art history problems

The history and current state of art, art history and art criticism

The art in the modern world

The organization and management in the field of art

International cooperation in the field of art

Fine arts      

Music. Musicology

Theater. Theater science

The massive spectacle and theatrical festivals

Dance. Choreography



Cinema. Cinematography

Folk art

Art of the individual countries and peoples


General construction issues

Theoretical foundations of engineering and construction


Building materials and products

Building constructions

The technology of construction and assembly works

Technology of production of building materials and products

Machines, equipment, and tools used in the construction and building materials industry

Engineering survey for construction

Architectural and construction design

Regional planning. City planning

Construction objects                  

Engineering support of construction projects

Psychological sciences

General issues of psychology

General psychology

Developmental psychology. Age-related psychology. Comparative psychology

Social psychology

Applied psychology

Military science

General issues of military science

The teachings about war and the army

Military history

Military education and training

Military policy. Military doctrines

Military science

Military and applied sciences

Weapons and military equipment

Armed forces

Military economy

Political science

General issues of political science

Methodology of political studies

History of political ideas     

The theory of political systems. Domestic policy

Theory of international relations. Foreign policy and diplomacy

Social sciences

General issues of sociology

Common problems of modern sociology

Methodology of sociology. Methods and techniques of sociological research

Society as a system. Social relations and processes

Social classes, communities, and groups

Sociology of spheres of social life, social phenomena and institutions

Personality and behavior sociology

Historical and regional sociology

Applied sociology

History of sociology

Earth sciences

Earth sciences

Cultural sciences

General issues of cultural sciences

Theory, methodology, and philosophy of culture

History of culture. The history of the study of culture

Culture in the modern world

The organization and management in the field of culture

International cooperation in the field of culture

Technical equipment of the cultural institutions

The socio-cultural activities in the field of leisure

Librarianship. Library sciences

Bibliography. Bibliography sciences

Museology. Museum sciences

Preservation of historical and cultural monuments

Archiving. Archive science

Culture of individual countries and people